AMUSED-WEB(1) General Commands Manual AMUSED-WEB(1)

amused-webweb interface for the amused music player

amused-web [-v] [-s socket] [[host] port]

amused-web is a web interface to control the amused(1) music player. It exposes a web server that listen on host at the given port. By default all IPv4 and IPv6 address at port 9090.

The following options are available:

Path to the amused(1) control socket. By default /tmp/amused-UID is used.
Produce more verbose output.

Path to the directory where the control socket looked for. Defaults to /tmp.


The amused-web program was written by Omar Polo <>.

amused-web should be hosted only in trusted networks because it doesn't employ all the techniques that would be needed to prevent abuses in public networks. If reachable in a public network, it should at least be protected by a password.

Depending on the browser and the address from where amused-web is accessed, the use of TLS may be required.

December 10, 2023 OpenBSD 7.4