SMINGEST(1) General Commands Manual SMINGEST(1)

smingestimport emails into a sqlite database

smingest dbpath

smingest reads a sequence of path to emails from standard inputs and inserts them into the msearchd(8) sqlite3 database at dbpath.

To index all the messages in the ~/Mail/smarc maildir, useful to initially populate the database:

mlist ~/Mail/smarc | smingest /var/www/msearchd/mails.sqlite3

Incorporate new messages in the maildir and add them to the database, useful after fetching new mails:

minc ~/Mail/smarc | smingest /var/www/msearchd/mails.sqlite3

minc(1), mlist(1), msearchd(8)

smingest doesn't detect the insert of duplicate messages. Should that happen, the database needs to be recreated.

May 5, 2023 OpenBSD 7.3