minimalistic music player

amused is a music player. It doesn't have any amazing functionalities built-in, on the contrary: it's quite minimal (a fancy word to say that it does very little.) It composes well, or aims to do so, with other tools thought.

The main feature is that audio decoding runs in a sandboxed process under pledge("stdio recvfd audio"), at least on OpenBSD.


$ ftp
$ tar xzf amused-0.10.tar.gz
$ cd amused-0.10
$ ./configure
$ make
# make install

It needs the following dependencies installed:

From OpenBSD 7.1 onward is available via pkg_add amused.


Extra: contrib/amused-monitor

amused-monitor is a simple TUI written in perl. It shows the current status of amused, the song being played and an excerpt from the playlist.
It's not installed by default.

screenshot of a terminal emulator running amused-monitor

amused-monitor depends on p5-Curses and p5-Text-CharWidth.

To read the documentation, run perldoc amused-monitor.