manage passwords

plass is a password manager inspired by password-store in the essence but completely reimplemented with a smaller and (IMO) cleaner interface. It doesn't have fancy trees nor colors in the output; the absence of these is considered a feature. It aims to stay closer to the "UNIX phylosophy" by trying to do one thing only and to it (hopefully) well.

With plass every password lives inside a gpg(1) encrypted file somewhere inside ~/.password-store which is managed with the got(1) VCS to keep track changes, recovery accidental overwrites and synchronize it across devices.

Documentation and example usage can be found in the manual pages:

At the moment plass is completely compatible with pass, but in the future the encryption tool may be switched to something different to gpg.

Download the latest stable release from:

$ ftp
$ tar xzvf plass-1.0.tar.gz
$ cd plass-1.0
$ make
$ doas make install

or fetch the code with git: