SMARC(1) General Commands Manual SMARC(1)

smarcmailing list static site generator

smarc [-c cachedir] [-j n] [-m maildir] [-o outdir] [-t tmpldir]

smarc generates a static web archive from a maildir incrementally.

The arguments are as follows:

Cache directory used for keeping track of threads during incremental updates. Defaults to ~/.cache/smarc
Use n jobs to export threads. With big mailing lists and on a multiprocessor machine this can save quite some time.
Source maildir. Defaults to ~/Mail/smarc.
The destination directory where the HTML files will be written to, it's /var/www/smarc by default.
Path to a directory containing the template files. /etc/smarc by default.

Template with the trailing part of the page.
Template with the first part of the page. TITLE is substituted with the title.
Template with the title for index pages. PAGE is replaced with the page number and SUBTITLE with the date range.
Small version of the logo, included in the thread header.
Template for the search link used in the mail and thread page.
Template for the search form. QUERY is replaced with the search query.
Default output directory.
Default cache directory.
Default maildir.


smarc started as a hacky collection of perl scripts under the name of ‘gotmarc’ to generate a web archive for the Game of Trees mailing list. Only later, while still being a hacky collection of perl and shell scripts, was converted to be a generic web mailing list archive tool and the project renamed.

The smarc utility was written by Omar Polo <>.

January 10, 2023 OpenBSD 7.4